«Top chefs love the V-ZUG star»
When we set about developing the Combi-Steam about 20 years ago, one thing was clear: it was to be the best steamer in every respect. So we at V-ZUG asked ourselves: how do professional chefs cook, and what is important to them to ensure that gourmet menus as well as everyday dishes turn out just perfect? Working closely with the chefs, we developed a technology that makes it possible for you to cook like a pro in your kitchen at home.

Minimum effort for maximum enjoyment: so skilfully have the V-ZUG engineers integrated the expertise of professional chefs in the Combi-Steam and its programmes, that now hobby cooks can create dishes that are guaranteed to succeed without much work by using a few simple controls. In principle, all you have to do is press a button and the Combi-Steam prepares masterful menus by itself.

The multiple functions and options of the Combi-Steam have also won over the premier league of top chefs: Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada, Franck Giovannini and Jan Hartwig prize the Combi-Steam as highly as they do the other V-ZUG appliances. The standards they aspire to in their kitchens are particularly high. Which is why they rely on the precision,

dependability and versatility of the top-notch appliances from Zug. With the knowledge that they are working with the very best technical foundations, they can let their imaginations run wild and conjure up culinary creations that promise a true journey of discovery. You can find a selection of these unique recipes in the Vacuisine brochure from V-ZUG.

The unique success of the V-ZUG Combi-Steam is backed by an equally unique recipe: Swiss engineering skill, Swiss quality and Swiss manufacturing.

Find out more about the Combi-Steam here.

A V-ZUG operating and design revolution – the new Excellence Line

With its brand-new generation of appliances, V-ZUG is setting revolutionary standards for ovens and steam cookers. Developed and produced in Switzerland, the new Excellence Line kitchen appliances offer a puristic design, interactive operation and perfect results.

With their puristic design and mirror-glass fronts available in black, platinum and pearl, Excellence Line appliances fit harmoniously into the architecture and atmosphere of every kitchen. The design of the appliances is minimalist, and their mirror-glass fronts pick up on the surrounding colours and materials, seamlessly integrating into the overall living space.

Operating the new steam cookers and ovens is simple and convenient with the CircleSlider – an intuitive rotary encoder that’s ground into the centre of the glass TouchDisplay. The user traces their finger across the slightly roughened surface, enabling values to be set with precision.

Ovens and steam cookers equipped with an AutoDoor do not need a handle. The door opens automatically when you press the TouchDisplay. And that’s not all – it can close itself automatically too.

The new Excellence Line appliances meld sophisticated technology with maximum convenience. Perfect interior illumination, a precise three-point food probe and networking that comes as standard are just some of the features that ensure perfect results.

The sophisticated sous-vide cooking technique

“Sous vide”, also known as Vacuisine at V-ZUG, refers to a process of cooking dishes slowly in vacuum-sealed bags at low temperatures. The result is incredibly tender and flavoursome dishes. It is a method used in the world’s best restaurants, as it provides a unique experience in terms of taste, texture, freshness and appearance. The art of sous vide cooking is now also available for home use – perfected by Vacuisine.


The Vacuisine brochure from V-ZUG is the perfect source of inspiration. Menu creations from top chefs as Andreas Caminada or Tanja Grandits will get any good food lover’s pulse racing.

Vacuisine 2.0 – The revolution continues

Cooking in the absence of air has been a preferred cooking technique for top chefs at home and abroad for many years, as it offers a wide range of benefits. With Vacuisine from V-ZUG, you can effortlessly prepare a huge range of foods and dishes to the standard of a Michelin star chef in the comfort of your own home. Vacuum-packing wraps ingredients in a tight plastic cover that protects the food. This protective shell ensures steamed food retains its natural flavor and mouth-watering colours. Vacuisine is not only a treat for the senses. It is also healthy, as careful cooking in the absence of air preserves the ingredients’ nutritious content.

There are also benefits in terms of texture, as fish doesn’t fall apart while cooking, and meat reaches a degree of tenderness that would never be possible using conventional cooking techniques.

If gentle cooking methods are to produce supremely appealing results, precise steam temperatures are crucial. In this respect, the Combi-Steam by V-ZUG guarantee a groundbreaking standard of temperature accuracy The temperature of the steam can be set precisely to any degree from 30 to 100 °C, and climate sensors ensure an optimum distribution of steam within the cooking space.

V-ZUG stands for precision. This is a standard we set in our Vacuisine appliances too and we have worked on developing this brilliant method of cooking. Thanks to special sealing pads, you can now also use the food probe with Vacuisine. The pads make it possible to insert the food probe into the meat without losing the vacuum so the food probe temperature can be precisely monitored at all times – ensuring additional safety and meat cooked to perfection.

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