1,083 metres above sea level with Walter Klose and Anton Schmaus

Tour de Suisse: Together with Walter Klose and Anton Schmaus in the Food Truck.

A beautiful summer’s evening, great company and fresh mountain air – a wonderful interlude packed with culinary surprises. Many guests had accepted the invitation to Walter Klose’s restaurant “zum Gupf” in Rehetobel, and an enjoyable evening was ahead. The setting was impressive, at an altitude of 1,083 metres with a clear vista of the Appenzell countryside on one side and a wonderful view of Lake Constance on the other, and it was evident that the guests were having a good time. This was in no mean part due to the delicious food prepared by top chefs Walter Klose and Anton Schmaus, and one thing was immediately apparent: Walter Klose pours his heart and soul into being a restaurateur, while guest chef Anton Schmaus is great at entertaining and networking.

The evening began with some tasty hors d’oeuvres from the Food Truck. The two top chefs went to work with a passion to conjure up their appetizing creations, after which they relocated from the Food Truck to the gourmet kitchen at zum Gupf.

Almost as soon as the guests had taken their seats in the charming restaurant, the first of several courses was served. Walter Klose and Anton Schmaus had created varied, utterly delicious and beautifully presented dishes. The two chefs could not be more different in terms of their cuisine: on the one hand you have Walter Klose, who creates traditional, down-to-earth food for his guests, while on the other there is Anton Schmaus with his mix of the traditional and the exotic – conventional yet cosmopolitan at the same time. The result of the pairing was a first-rate culinary clash between two top chefs combined with a generous portion of southern German charm. Delightfully enjoyable!

The evening was brought to a close with a fascinating tour of the amazing Gupf wine cellar, an impressive sight with its arched ceiling, wood carvings on the walls and row upon row of wine bottles on display. The wines selected to accompany the meal were delicious and complemented the various dishes perfectly, making the evening a masterpiece through and through.

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