Fired up and dished out

Barbecuing with Tanja, Marco and Big Green Egg.

The evening heralded in a shimmering blend of black, silver and green.

Rising smoke, wonderful smells and a cosy atmosphere with a colour palette of black, silver and green. Dressed in black chef’s jackets, top chef Tanja Grandits and her head chef Marco Böhler prepared the food with expert hands.

At a glance, it was clear that both were well accustomed to working in small spaces. They got to grips with the food truck as only seasoned professionals could, setting out the bowls, plates and glasses, heating up the combi-steam ovens and placing a large pan of sauerkraut on the induction hob. Our Airstream was silver, unique and stylish. With the front shutter open, you could see the goings-on inside and watch the chefs at work.

For once, the green colour was not related to Tanja’s passion for herbs, although the tables were naturally decorated with freshly picked, chopped herbs from her garden. Several Big Green Eggs were lined up around the food truck, all working their way up to maximum temperature. Just like street food and food trucks, these green ceramic grills are right on trend. Together with John Daly from Big Green Egg Switzerland, we spent the evening sampling delicious dishes from the combi-steam oven and these versatile green cooking devices.

Bread, fish, sausages, entrecôtes and apple cake – dishes prepared in the combi-steam oven with Vacuisine were then finished off in the Big Green Egg.

We have long since realized that barbecuing can’t be restricted to the summer months alone. “I’m an enthusiastic Egghead and I use the Big Green Egg all year round”, explains John Daly, who has barbecuing in his blood. This passion is also shared by Tanja’s head chef Marco Böhler. He was only too keen to share his barbecuing experiences and tips for cooking with the Green Egg. “We cooked the veal shank for 24 hours Sous vide. On the Big Green Egg I can then bring in a quick heat, caramelise the crust and achieve the most beautiful roasting aromas”, Marco Böhler was in his element at the grill.

We’re already considering hosting a joint barbecue event. In the back of our minds is the 2019 Flavour Fair in Aarau in April. We’ve had a bit of practice!

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