Food Truck on Tour

The audience was singing and dancing so it was an amazing atmosphere!

The V-ZUG food truck is now on the road and travelling through Switzerland. We’re following the newly refurbished US Airstream on its culinary journey throughout the country and documenting its stops in-between.

Where:          Art Basel 2017, between Hall 1 and Hall 2.0

When:            13th to 18th June, 2017

What:             One of the most important art shows in the world which is held at three locations every year (Basel, Miami Beach, Hong Kong): an encounter with artists, collectors, gallery owners, Hollywood stars and many other such luminaries.

Chef:              Tanja Grandits, «Stucki», Basel, 2 Michelin stars, 18 Gault Millau points, «Chef of the year 2014»

Food on offer:        «Snacks by Tanja Grandits» 3 types of focaccia (alpine cheese, chicken, grilled vegetables), 3 salads («Green Power», tomato/bulgur wheat/watermelon, chicken/vegetables/miso), yellow lentil soup, green gazpacho with spelt wheatgrass, 2 types of muesli (mango/chia seeds/coconut, raspberries/almonds/yoghurt), 2 desserts (thyme panna cotta, apricot/raspberry); 3 types of iced teas (green tea, hibiscus, rooibos) as well as 3 different smoothies (strawberry/beetroot/ginger, cucumber/pineapple/basil, mango/carrot/turmeric)

Production: 400 meals/day

Best seller:   Green salad with herbs, chicken salad with sesame and chicken focaccia.

5 questions for Tanja Grandits

What was cooking in the food truck like?
It went very well, and it certainly made those people who came to eat something very happy: we had a lot of regular «Stucki» guests or Art Basel visitors who came back every day.

What did they say about your food?
Most of our guests were impressed by the flavour and the freshness of the food, and the art show visitors particularly enjoyed the colours of the dishes in green, pink or orange. The salads with herbs and the chicken salads sold remarkably well. The iced green tea was definitely everyone’s favourite drink – we sold over 300 bottles per day.

What was the atmosphere like around the truck?
The weather was fantastic, and there were several stages right opposite the truck which hosted various musical groups and styles: the audience was singing and dancing so it was an amazing atmosphere! The BMW stand was on the other side of the truck and there was a vibrant mix of cars and people. Overall, I would say that it was a great and lively atmosphere.

And what was the atmosphere like in the truck kitchen?
There were always three of us in the truck, or even four if there were very many customers. There was a surprising amount of space to work, which obviously helps to maintain a great atmosphere in the team.

What is your verdict of working in the food truck?
We were able to make a lot of people very happy with the food we made in the truck. From construction workers to art lovers: you could tell from their faces that they were looking forward to trying our food. You can’t ask for much more as a chef!

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