The “Fall in Love” gourmet market by Andreas Caminada

Tour de Suisse: Together with Andreas Caminada, Fabian Fuchs and Silvio Germann in the Food Truck.

Grey skies, wet streets, happy faces, delicious aromas and high spirits. That might sound contradictory, but it was the ideal combination. The numerous visitors to the 4th “Fall in Love” gourmet market, hosted by Andreas Caminada at Schloss Schauenstein, refused to let the weather dampen their mood. Despite the cold, rainy weather early in the day, many curious visitors flocked to Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau. The silver Food Truck – parked in a prime spot – fit into the scene perfectly.


The two young ambassadors, Fabian Fuchs und Silvio Germann, appeared to feel right at home in the Food Truck’s compact kitchen, presenting visitors with high-quality culinary creations. With great ease and passion, the two young chefs whipped up two modern, exciting creations. Fabian Fuchs’ catfish roll was a hit with visitors: a delicious combination of smoked catfish, Zurich truffle, onions and dried pears, all arranged on a crusty brioche. Meanwhile, Silvio Germann served up some incredibly tender beef short ribs with harissa and cabbage. With considerable skill, they managed to prove to visitors that cooking in a tiny space can be a piece of cake. Just looking at their elegant creations was enough to warm visitors’ hearts despite the chilly temperatures. It soon became clear why they call it the “gourmet market”.

Gastronomic delights were the main attraction of the various market stalls, which offered a diverse selection of regional specialities ranging from wine to unusual spice mixes. The wide variety of products available meant that each and every visitor could find something to satisfy their desires. At every market stall, delicious treats could be sampled – and the delight of visitors was plain to see. So it was hardly surprising that many of them went home laden with goodies to make the enjoyment last as long as possible. The market’s tagline “Fall in Love” deserves to be taken literally, since autumn truly is the most wonderful season!

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