Fabian Fuchs

EquiTable has been run by Fabian Fuchs for a little over five years in the central Zurich district. In this time it has become well known throughout Switzerland’s biggest city for its modern haute cuisine in a relaxed setting.

At the heart of the “EquiTable” concept is that only organic, fair-trade products and ingredients – sourced as regionally as possible – are cooked here. When asked what inspires the young but already-established chef, Fuchs says: “A new dish always starts in your head. For example, a vegetable farmer brings me purple salsify and I start to put together a dish with it in my head. The actual cooking phase is then simply an executive activity. Then I get into the subtleties – a little acidity here, something crisp there…”

His goal is always focused on a harmony of tastes rather than a variety of techniques.

Website EquiTable

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