Marcel Skibba

During the winter season, he manages the “IGNIV by Andreas Caminada” in the Badrutt’s Palace luxury hotel in St. Moritz.

At the IGNIV, guests discover what would be a relatively unusual cuisine to many. They are not simply served a plate with the dish they ordered. Instead, waves of bowls and plates arrive one after the other: a winter salad, a little foie gras with yoghurt and physalis, a flowery, peppery-tasting steak tartare with crème fraiche and light and crispy potato chips – an almost never-ending series of high-quality dishes offer guests at an IGNIV evening the opportunity to share.

This type of gastronomy is demanding and requires a high level of organisation and discipline, both in the kitchen and when serving. Someone like Marcel Skibba, who remains calm while displaying a high perception of quality, is the ideal man for the job.

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