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After the action-packed, full-on experience in the Bossard Arena, the EVZ pros meet with the chefs at ZUGORAMA in Zug. No sooner have they arrived than the remaining tension between the men dissolves completely: they chat, take selfies, connect on social media and exchange their favourite recipes. What follows is revenge, or a change of ends! The steam cookers and the Teppan Yaki plate are going full blast and delicious steamed buns are on the menu. One group takes care of the fluffy steamed buns, the second concentrates on the filling, and the third creates scrumptious sauces. Each team is made up of one EVZ player and one chef, while Josh Holden, naturally enough, keeps an eye on proceedings. The EVZ players make a great impression in the kitchen and it’s clear that this isn’t the first time they’ve wielded a wooden spoon. Obviously, as athletes, nutrition and good food are very important to them.

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