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And what could be better than a delicious pick-me-up after doing sport? Nothing, really! As such, it’s now time to swap the bike for an apron. Sandra Stöckli is immersing herself in the culinary world in the kitchen of top chef Andreas Caminada. And, since it’s well-known that everyone loves chocolate, Andreas Caminada chose a tasty delicacy right from the beginning: chocolate slices. But since chocolate alone isn’t enough to fill you up, the pair are also preparing a hearty main course: home-made gnocchi with artichokes.  It soon becomes obvious that the upper arms are needed in the kitchen, too. Just like cycling, top-level cooking is also back-breaking work: whether you’re whipping cream, kneading, forming and sieving gnocchi dough, or stamina training while standing at the cooker – cooking is exercise for the muscles and the mind.

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