How would you describe yourself as a person? What defines you?
I would describe myself as very determined and inquisitive. I love my job and all its different facets. And I’m very ambitious and loyal, too.

Why did you become a chef?
Being able to design and create things is something that inspires me. I see it as a great privilege to be able to work with the most wonderful products our earth has to offer, and I love to enjoy good things. It also makes me really happy when what I do helps people have a good time.

What values do you and your creations represent?
I draw my inspiration from the season and the products. Sustainability is really important to me, and I have a definite fondness for beautifully presented plates, although great taste always remains paramount.

What effect would you like your culinary creations to have?
I’d like my guests to remember the dishes I cooked.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From a wide range of different everyday situations. I might get an idea during a walk in the park, or simply when cleaning my teeth one morning.

What would you like guests to remember longest after a visit to your restaurant?
How amazing the food I served them tasted.

Has a guest ever paid you a really memorable compliment?
Just recently a guest cried with happiness at the dish she was served, which I found really touching.

Do you have a first/early (childhood) memory that you associate with food or cooking in general?
My father is a chef, too, and there are photos of him wearing a chef’s jacket and carrying me when I was a baby.  So I’ve spent my whole life in contact with the profession.

What is important about food today?
It still needs to taste amazing! But I think it’s hugely important to know where the food and products come from. As chefs we also have a responsibility to our environment; we need to fight back against factory farming and junk food.

How will your cuisine develop in the near future?
I hope it will become more sustainable.

What does partnership mean to you?
I’m very proud to be working with V-ZUG, because they are a partner which focuses on the highest quality, elegance, aesthetics and functionality. All attributes which I value enormously.

What do you particularly like about the collaboration?
See my previous answer – and of course our collaboration has only just begun.

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of Lifestyle by V-ZUG – a special anniversary. What’s your vision for the next 10 years? What could the ambassadors do?
I can’t really answer that at the moment because I’ve only just come on board.
Personally, I would love it if, because of V-ZUG and the ambassadors, people once again started spending more time in their own kitchens cooking for themselves.

#We Create Friendship is our new hashtag for our anniversary year. What’s your spontaneous reaction?
For me it means that cooking, eating and drinking brings people together, thus creating friendships. And cooking is particularly enjoyable when you have a fantastic kitchen with amazing V-ZUG appliances in it.

From look and feel to smell and taste is our guiding principle: what treat do you particularly like to conjure up in the steam cooker?
Steam is perfect for cooking lots of things! I particularly like to use the cooker for shellfish, fish and tender vegetables, although steam is also brilliant for slow cooking larger pieces of meat.

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