It’s the first time in Swiss history that a woman has been awarded such a high number of points

Tanja Grandits, who has run the Stucki restaurant in Basel for over 10 years now, has achieved what no other female chef in Switzerland has ever managed before: in addition to her two Michelin stars, she was also awarded 19 points and the title “Chef of the Year” at this year’s GaultMillau ceremony. Confident, feminine and talented, Tanja Grandits pursues her ambitions with great determination. And she’s convinced that if you don’t dare to think big, your dreams will stay out of reach forever. This philosophy boosts the creativity of the chef – who holds two Michelin stars – and her team, and has now been officially acknowledged with the new title of “Chef of the Year” and the awarding of 19 GaultMillau points.


Driven by a passion for life
Cooking has always been a vital aspect of Tanja Grandits’ life. But even more important is her enjoyment of food. And it’s this passion that she wants to convey to guests through her enchanting cuisine based on herbs and aromas. “What drives me is enjoyment. Everyday life should be filled with moments of pleasure, whether large or small. Because this is what really counts and it’s also what we want our guests to feel through our dishes.”

She shares this mindset with her employees, some of whom have been working alongside her for many years now. The chef is therefore extremely grateful to her team for their contribution to her new title of “Chef of the Year” and the 19 GaultMillau points.


Many congratulations to our ambassador and her team for this astounding achievement!








Source: Text: Tanja Grandits, Image: Digitale Massarbeit

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