Ingredients for the zander

  • 3x 140 g zander fillets, boneless
  • 60 g verjuice
  • 50 g lime juice
  • 40 g spring onions
  • 20 g evergreens

To prepare the zander

Gently fry the evergreen branches on the charcoal barbecue. Sous vide the branches with the verjuice and finely sliced onions and leave to stand for an hour. Meanwhile, soak the zander in the freshly squeezed lime juice and the strained barbecue verjuice marinade and leave to stand until you are ready to serve the dish. Cut into thin slices shortly before serving.

Ingredients for the radish

  • 70 g radish
  • 10 g Japanese rice vinegar, mild
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

Method for the radish

Using a mandolin, cut the radish into thin strips. Soak the radish in iced water for 10 minutes, drip dry and dab dry. Marinate the radish in the Japanese rice vinegar, add salt and pepper, and serve.

Ingredients Finish

  • 8 slices of lime
  • 5 g edible flowers
  • 1 espelette pepper
  • Maldon sea salt
  • olive oil, cold-pressed


Place the zander slices in a ring and baste with a small amount of the marinade. Season the fish with the espelette pepper and sea salt and spread the lime slices evenly over the zander. Drizzle with olive oil. Spread the sliced radish out evenly on top of the zander.


Decorate with edible flowers.