• 1 Agria potato
  • 30 g cornflour
  • 20 g egg white


One large potato gives about 60 small French fries soufflées....(diameter about 3 cm) Thinly slice the potato using a mandoline or food slicer. Place the individual slices of potato on a chopping board and thoroughly pat dry with kitchen paper. Place the slices next to each other in pairs. Dust one with cornflour and brush the other with egg white. Stick the two slices together and cut out with a ring-shaped cutter. Deep fry at 175°C, moving constantly. Give approx. 20 seconds on each side.

Ingredients Mushroom espuma

  • 2 kg dark mushrooms
  • 3 l chicken stock
  • tarragon vinegar
  • salt, pepper
  • 20 g crème fraîche
  • 30 g Pro Espuma

Preparation Mushroom espuma

Quantity is for about 70 French fries soufflées. Can be stored for a good 2 days. Cook the mushrooms in the chicken stock for approx. 3 hrs. Blend until smooth and season to taste with the tarragon vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix 500 g of the puree with the crème fraîche and Pro Espuma and transfer to an iSi bottle.

Fill the French fries souffle with the mushroom spouma. Press a small hole into the French fries soufflée and carefully inject the mixture and garnish as desired.


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