• 4 pieces of maize spring chicken
  • Salt, pepper and some butter
  • 16 pieces of white asparagus
  • 250g morels, washed
  • 1 piece of shallot
  • Sherry, salt and pepper
  • Some veal stock
  • 20g butter
  • Herbs


Roll up the maize spring chicken tightly (diameter of around 4cm), wrap in cling film and vacuum pack.Cook using Vacuisine on the Steam setting at 69 °C for 14 minutes.Unwrap the chicken and fry in a pan in hot fat until golden yellow; season with herbs.Cook the white asparagus on the Steam setting at 80 °C for 50 minutes.Saisir les morilles dans 10 grammes de beurre, ajouter les échalotes, assaisonner de sel et de poivre et déglacer avec du xérès. Refine the poultry juice with the estragon and add some butter.


Cut the corn-fed chicken into pieces, add the poultry stock and arrange on the plate with the asparagus and morels.

Cooking level

With preheating
14 minutes | Steam 69 °C (maize spring chicken)
50 minutes | Steam 80 °C (asparagus)