Exciting stories all around the collaboration with the top chefs.

Charming chicken

Tanja by Night

Magdalena Kitchen Party

200 guests and one food truck

Sensuality, magic, excellence

Excellence meets Jan Hartwig

Excellence through consistency

Excellence meets Marcel Skibba

It’s flavour that defines quality

Excellence meets Anton Schmaus

Delicious carrot muffins

Tanja by Night

En route to a signature style

Marco Campanella

Pharmacy candy

Dominik Flammer

Anticipated soy delight

Tanja by Night

An astonishing success story

Dominik Hartmann

Excellence means a thoughtful approach

Excellence meets Daniel Zeindlhofer

Tee off for a good cause

On the golf course with Andreas Caminada

Bergell smoked chestnuts

Dominik Flammer

Peas with a funny name

Tanja by Night

The courage to go your own way

Excellence meets Andreas Caminada

Lunch surprise for the 10th anniversary

V-ZUG Food Truck

A Sunday in high spirits

Garden party GaultMillau

Central Swiss olives

Dominik Flammer

In search of the wow factor

Excellence meets Franck Giovannini

Secret roasted tomatoes

Tanja by Night

Cinnamon blossom in pear bread

Dominik Flammer

Cauliflower at midnight

Tanja by Night

Hosted by friends

Excellence meets Silvio Germann

Alpine rye from Siberia

Dominik Flammer

Great chefs love cooking

Excellence meets Markus Arnold

Blue fenugreek in cherry compote

Dominik Flammer

Beauty: a product of creative freedom

Excellence meets Tanja Grandits

Madeleine moments

Tanja by Night

Food provides moments of bliss

Zineb Hattab


Dominik Flammer

Excellence – a lasting memory

Excellence meets Walter Klose

Time and rest

Tanja by Night

10 years with Tanja Grandits

From partnership to friendship

Swiss dried green beans

Dominik Flammer

The perfect combination: rosemary and potatoes

Tanja by Night

He lives for great food

A day with Richard Kägi

At Schloss Schauenstein

A day with Andreas Caminada

In search of the absolute best

Excellence meets Fabian Fuchs

My favourite labneh

Tanja by Night

Smells wafting from the oven

Tanja by Night

At the table

Raphael Diaz and Silvio Germann

Pear honey

Dominik Flammer

Camelina oil

Dominik Flammer

Spices in the morning

Tanja by night

Pulses, the magic ingredient

Tanja by night

Franck Giovannini and his passion for detail

Down-to-earth. Calm. Weightless.

Tanja Grandits and her passion for detail

Live life using all your senses. Be good to yourself. Focus on the here and now.

Para-cycling athlete and top chef for a day

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners

Tanja Grandits: new cookbook

100% vegetarian

Fabian Fuchs and his passion for detail

Free. Focused. Stylish.

Walter Klose and his passion for detail

Dedication. Vocation. Family dream.

Andreas Caminada and his passion for detail

Concentration. Focus. Hitting the mark.

Life as a food scout

Richard Kägi

The Columbus of Alpine cuisine

Dominik Flammer and his Culinarium Alpinum

The unique, uncompromising Haldihof.

A personal account.

Marcel Skibba and his passion for details

Focus. Enjoy. Realize new potential every day.

Markus Arnold and his passion for perfection

Finding peace in the simple things. Making the simple things extraordinary.

Anton Schmaus and his passion for detail

Replenishing creative energy is child's play.


Our ambassadors stay at home

Jan Hartwig and his passion for detail

Overcoming limits. Surpassing your potential.

Silvio Germann and his passion for detail

Spending time with friends. Enjoying. Thriving.

Passion meets perfection

Strengthening roots. Recharging batteries. Bringing details to life.

Ice hockey pro and top chef for a day

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners

We are committed – and our top chefs are too!

At home with Andreas Caminada

Muted colours, modern and with sophisticated details

Good-luck knots

Tanja by night

Behind the scenes

Circus Zugolino

Winter is casserole time

Tanja by night

A special fragrance

Tanja by night

A dream birthday

Circus Zugolino

Hot in the evening, ice-cold by morning

Tanja by night

Storm warning

Circus Zugolino

The secret of extra-creamy ice cream

Tanja by night

Ginger shot

Tanja by night

A magical premiere

Circus Zugolino

A fountain of ideas

Circus Zugolino

Blossom Vinegar

Tanja by Night

A new year

Circus Zugolino

When they took to the stove

An object of culinary enjoyment, pleasure and style.

Salted caramel buttercream

Tanja by Night

The V-ZUG Superheroes

The whole Comic!


Tanja by Night

Magic on New Year’s Eve

The V-ZUG superheroes

The making of

A year's worth of work and many discussions

Herb infused honey

Tanja by Night

Tinkering in the lab

The V-ZUG superheroes


Tanja by Night

Organic market trend

Why are organic markets so popular?

A fantastic break

The V-ZUG superheroes

Ryan Clift

Happy, British, unique

Shojin ryori

Traditional Japanese dining without meat or fish

Fuel for sleepyheads

The V-ZUG superheroes

The cook and his farmer

The idyll on the hill

Fried Rice

Tanja by Night

Fruit compote

Tanja by Night

Bruno Muff

Fruit grower and liquor distiller

“1000 ideas”

10 years Restaurant Stucki

A brilliant idea

The V-ZUG superheroes

Silvio Germann

"Achieving exceptional taste requires time and patience."

The V-ZUG superheroes

On a quest for justice and imaginative cooking

Marcel Skibba

“The guests should be able to enjoy what they have on their plate.”

Markus Arnold

"The culinary trade needs to be more relaxed."

The quiet, talented Mr Fuchs

“A new dish always starts in your head”

Muesli bars

Tanja by Night

Ginger tea

Tanja by Night

Markthalle Neun Berlin

by Esther Kern

Wholegrain Bread

Tanja by Night

Gourmet Mini 2017

Julian cooks himself into the heart of top chef Tanja Grandits


Tanja by Night


Tanja by Night

Ice Tea

Tanja by Night

Culinary extravaganza

The visitors were amazed and the setting was like something from a fairytale

Tanja by Night

Her column from the late hours

Giovannini’s new lightness

“We respect the products, the guests, and our employees”

A visit to Walter Klose

A hilltop idyll

Behind the scenes of Vacuisine

A pinch of passion

A day at the castle

In the kitchen with Andreas Caminada

Man at the front

Visit to Oliver Friedrich at Schloss Schauenstein

Herb lore for children

The master chef and her little seeds

The patissier Julien Duvernay

At Tanja Grandits’ Stucki restaurant in Basel is a smiley workhorse with a sweet tooth

A visit to Anton Schmaus

Tour at Storstad with Anton Schmaus


It is the first vegetable that satisfies our longing in spring

A visit to Julien Duvernay

The patissier is a smiley workhorse with a sweet tooth.

The potato

Switzerland’s simplest & best basic food

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