10 years with Tanja Grandits

From partnership to friendship

Top chef Tanja Grandits has been a V-ZUG brand ambassador for ten years. It’s been a partnership based on generosity and goodwill.

If it’s possible to have friendships in business, then they probably look like this: for ten years now, Switzerland’s top chef Tanja Grandits and Lifestyle by V-ZUG have maintained a partnership that is based on trust and reliability on both sides, and which has long been far more than just a useful collaboration for advertising purposes.

“When I was asked to collaborate with V-ZUG ten years ago, I said yes immediately, and it was a wonderful experience right from the start,” reflects Tanja Grandits. The fact that the partnership was all about products such as steam cookers and ovens that she was already using in her daily work was one of the reasons why she began this adventure, one which has seen a traditional Swiss industrial company and a highly talented chef break new ground in marketing.

Since then, Tanja Grandits has starred in hundreds of photos and videos, the good-natured chef has written dozens of recipes reflecting her unique style, and a long list of joint events have delighted guests of all ages and backgrounds. There have been small and sweet events like “Kids Cooking”, cool appearances with the V-ZUG Food Truck – for example at the Art Basel fair – and large-scale events like the VIP Days in Zug, “where it was our pleasure to cook for hundreds of people,” remembers Tanja Grandits.

“Shared values that I consider essential, like high quality and a passion for detail, are of course partly responsible for my connection with V-ZUG, but above all it’s people’s commitment, our mutual understanding and generosity that are the foundations of our work together,” says the 19-Gault Millau point chef from Basel.

At her restaurant Stucki there are a whole host of ovens and CombiSteamers, some of which are in use day and night – for example by Julien Duvernay, the restaurant’s pastry chef and one of Switzerland’s best. “Nowadays Julien uses two tonnes of chocolate a year, and he uses a microwave to melt it. In the past we had to buy a new one every couple of months, but then we got one from V-ZUG and it’s been completely reliable,” says Stucki boss Grandits.

For V-ZUG, this is a useful endurance test of the company’s products that delivers key insights into quality testing. The intensive use in professional gastronomy of appliances which were essentially designed for home kitchens has provided valuable information. After all, the initial objective of this successful and convivial partnership which long ago became a friendship was exactly that: to deliver insights and experience.

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