A fantastic break

The V-ZUG superheroes

4, 3, 2, 1 – Break time at last! Tom has been looking forward to break time for the past half hour. Just thinking about his sandwich makes his mouth water.

He sits down on a bench with his best friend Rico and opens his sandwich box. As he opens his mouth to take the first bite, a bigger boy runs past and rips the sandwich out of his hand.

Tom is angry – what did Livio think he was doing? He is in a higher class and is much taller than Tom. Nevertheless, Tom is not prepared to be intimidated and runs after Livio. A dispute flares up and other kids get involved. Ms. Schuler, who is on playground duty, wades in but she cannot calm the kids down.

Ms. Schuler bristles and raises her voice: “Enough”. But the kids ignore their teacher and continue their scuffle. Ms. Schuler does not know what to do. “Help, the kids won’t stop fighting,” she screams.

Her cries do not go unheard. V-Speed, U-Mind and Miss TeleZia arrive at the playground within seconds. Visibly impressed, the kids stop fighting and turn their attention to the three V-ZUG superheroes. Only Livio tries to creep away because he knows he was in the wrong. But Miss TeleZia catches him: “Where do you think you’re going, young man?” she asks. Shyly and with a bad conscience he replies: “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to start a fight but I didn’t have anything to eat and Tom’s sandwich looked so good.”

The three superheroes recognize the problem: the kids need tasty snacks for the break. As always, V-Speed comes up with a brilliant idea with lightning speed. He needs his friends’ superpowers to help him because he wants to show the kids how they can quickly conjure up a few tasty and, above all, healthy snacks.

He zaps to the supermarket for some fresh ingredients. At the same time, U-Mind uses his mindreading powers to find out the kids’ favourite snacks. Miss TeleZia is a nature freak so she knows that cherries are really tasty at the moment. She teleports herself to a farm to get some fresh fruit for the kids.

In the meantime, the kids have calmed down and are wondering what sort of snacks the superheroes will help them create. A few moments later, V-Speed and Miss TeleZia are back in the playground. Wow! They’ve brought along some really delicious things.

“Right kids. Now for some fun. Eating makes you big and strong, but it should also make you happy. So we’re going to show you how to use your imagination to create some snacks for your break,” explains U-Mind. Together with the kids, the superheroes prepare some fresh, fun snacks: a pineapple sun, cherry spectacles, a caterpillar made from grapes.

Livio prepares a very special snack: Nutella spread on crackers with an owl’s fast made of fruit. He takes it over to Tom and apologizes: “I’m sorry Tom. To make up, you can have my special creation.” Tom is delighted with his special snack – and is really looking forward to the next break. The bell goes. Time for the next lesson: music.

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