Anticipated soy delight

Tanja by Night

They say anticipation is the greatest joy. And when it comes to cooking, I’m pretty certain of that – especially if you have to wait a while before the enjoyment begins. If you prepare something the evening before which you’ll be eating at some point the next day, you go to bed full of anticipation and wake up feeling the same. At least that’s how it is for me, because my life’s calling is to create food that makes me and other people happy.

Alongside the guests at my restaurant, the main person I want to make happy is my daughter Emma, with whom I can share many things, above all my great passion for good food. For that reason, I often spend time in the evening thinking about what we might have for lunch the next day.

For example, I can’t really go wrong with soy sauce eggs. They’re good for breakfast if you like something with Asian flavours in the morning, or they also go well with noodles, sesame oil and cucumber. To make soy sauce eggs, you need to pierce a small hole in the base of 4 organic eggs using a needle and then cook them in boiling water for 6 minutes. Cool them in cold water and peel them, then place in a bowl. Pour around 200 ml of soy sauce over the eggs to cover them completely, cover the bowl with cling film and leave to marinate overnight in the fridge.

The soy sauce eggs taste amazing as they are, and you can use the soy sauce in another recipe. But I like to combine the eggs with 250 g rice noodles, cooked and then rinsed in cold water, and 1 tbsp sesame oil. Then heat 2 tbsp sesame oil in a frying pan, lightly fry 3 finely sliced spring onions, add the rice noodles, continue to fry on a high heat and then season with 1 tbsp soy sauce. Finally, slice 8 baby cucumbers or one regular cucumber, marinate in soy sauce and serve with the noodles and eggs to turn the anticipation into a little moment of bliss at your table.

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