At Schloss Schauenstein

A day with Andreas Caminada

A day behind the scenes at Schloss Schauenstein? Top chef Andreas Caminada makes this possible and lets us accompany him through his day.

When the morning sun shines on Schloss Schauenstein, preparations for the lunchtime service are already in full swing. There are vegetables to prepare, meat to marinade and sauces to make – it’s all go in the castle kitchen at 10 a.m. because there’s a lot to be done before lunch is served.

As soon as the lunchtime rush is over, Andreas Caminada moves straight on to the next thing in his diary: a photo shoot for Lifestyle by V-ZUG scheduled between the lunchtime and evening services. To create the ideal photo, Andreas Caminada carefully arranges the perfect plate of food down to the very last detail. He uses tweezers to place the components onto the plate with the utmost care, creating a marvellous work of art, his eye for aesthetics apparent in the way the shapes and colours gently complement each other. After a successful photo shoot there’s a little bit of time for him to recharge his batteries before the evening service.

The peace and quiet doesn’t last long, though: for the evening service every tiny detail has to be exactly right, just like the plate he created for the photo shoot. As they make the final preparations in the kitchen, Andreas Caminada and his team work with total concentration, because only by getting every aspect spot on can they create an outstanding and unforgettable evening for their guests. Then it’s time: the kitchen is ready, the service staff are prepped, all the necessary communication has taken place – Schloss Schauenstein opens its doors to welcome guests in for the evening. The culinary delights produced by the kitchen are the perfect start to a wonderful evening, for at Schloss Schauenstein the dinner menu is not merely served, but rather celebrated course by course. With his amazing eye for aesthetics and his passion for detail, Andreas Caminada wants to offer each and every one of his guests something special. Late in the evening – with happy guests and a kitchen so clean it sparkles – the lights are turned off at Schloss Schauenstein.

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