Behind the scenes of Vacuisine

A pinch of passion

The design of the new Vacuisine brochure is as outstanding, elegant and understated as the product itself. But the content is anything but understated – with delicious Vacuisine recipes, it’s proper cooking! Presented in stunning colours, these tempting creations look good enough to eat even on paper. At the photo shoot for the recipes with our top chefs Nenad Mlinarevic, Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada, Claudia Cassaramona and Felix Halter, our team certainly agreed.

The experience on the photo shoot set, with our chefs and the perfect hosts in Franziska Bründler and Simone Müller-Staubli from 9×9 in Lucerne, was also inspiring. In a relaxed atmosphere, the chefs chatted about the art of sous vide cooking and also swapped a few professional secrets with food journalist David Schnapp.


Some statements from the chefs:

“Cooking is an expression of personality”

“Creativity requires a certain mood”

“Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to cooking. It has a lot to do with your memories and your own taste.”

The results speak for themselves: in the new Vacuisine brochure, the recipes are appealingly and creatively photographed. But producing a brochure like this isn’t just about creativity – there’s plenty of hard work and perseverance involved too. A team of chefs, developers, writers, layout specialists, journalists, photographers, product managers and marketing professionals devoted months of hard work and dedication to planning the brochure and turning it into reality. Throughout the whole process, their vision was to create a brochure that focuses on the enjoyment of food, a remarkable method of cooking and a culinary journey of discovery.

The printed brochure is a source of inspiration with plenty of tips and fascinating profiles of the five chefs who contributed to its creation. After all, perfect technique is only the foundation of exceptional cuisine. It takes original ideas, a sure sense of taste and a good pinch of courage to create something unique – with just the right hint of spice.

The Vacuisine brochure is available to order now from the shop.

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