Charming chicken

Tanja by Night

Proper preparation is key to a happy kitchen. This can be achieved by having all the necessary ingredients chopped, weighed out and ready to hand at the right time. Or by allowing time for the full flavour to develop.

A good example is this charming chicken recipe, which I would often make as a Sunday roast in the days when my daughter Emma still ate meat. Even though some things may change, good recipes remain the same. Preparation for this dish begins the night before. The entire chicken is slathered in yoghurt or buttermilk and well salted. Herbs such as sage, thyme and rosemary are also added.

If possible, the entire chicken should be vacuum-sealed or wrapped tightly in cling film to allow the flavours to infuse into the meat. At the same time, the acidity and salt help to draw out the moisture from the chicken, making it even more succulent.

Any excess is then gently wiped away the next day and the meat is placed in the combi-steam cooker or oven at 190 °C (hot air). After around 40 minutes, the chicken should be succulent on the inside and dry and crispy on the outside. It is best served with roasted vegetables and potatoes – this way everything can cook at the same time and the charming chicken will not only taste delicious, but it will also make a very simple Sunday roast.

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