A brilliant idea

The V-ZUG superheroes

Completely beside themselves, the children explain that their project went wrong. They wanted to build a bubbling volcano to grill sausages and vegetables over. As they were tinkering with it, something went wrong, and the volcano took on a life of its own – boom and it just exploded. Luckily no one was hurt. But what are they going to present at the science competition on Friday?

This calls for a compassionate superheroine
Miss TeleZia calms crying Marc and reassures the kids: ‘Don’t panic kids. Together with V-Speed and U-Mind, I’ll help you make a great new science project. But first we’ll get some really tasty brain food, so that you can concentrate again and we have terrific and creative ideas.’
But where is U-Mind, Miss TeleZia thinks to herself as she teleports to his laboratory. Completely absorbed in his science magazine, U-Mind gets a fright when Miss TeleZia seemly appears out of nowhere. ‘We’re needed, U-Mind, pack up your tablet and let’s go,’ says Miss TeleZia. The school already looks much tidier by the time they get there. V-Speed got rid of most of the mess in a flash.

Now for some energy
Using his mind-reading superpower, U-Mind realises that the kids are a bit tired and down in the dumps – high time for super brain food!

While V-Speed shops for a few fresh products at the market, Miss TeleZia teleports to the crater of a volcano. She carefully inspects the conditions there and gathers information. When she returns to the school, the mood is much more relaxed. The kids are preparing some delicious cereal bars with U-Mind and V-Speed. Nutritious nuts, dried fruits and wholesome grains are perfect for a quick energy boost. Maybe some smoothies too?


It’s all in the mix!
Full of energy, the kids and U-Mind do some research online for their volcano idea. Miss TeleZia reports what she learned at the volcano, and V-Speed bolts to the university to get more information from the geology professor. The three superheroes spark the kids’ curiosity and get them excited about this fascinating scientific subject. And while preparing the vitamin-rich smoothies, Marc suddenly realises something – it’s all about the right mix! Now he has a brilliant idea for the design of the lava flow! U-Mind is very proud of Marc. He found the solution! Together with the other kids, they rebuild the volcano with the adapted components. The result? Fantastic, it works!

An explosive day comes to an end
Tired but still excited, the kids go home that evening and tell their parents about their eventful day with the three V-ZUG superheroes. School has never been so much fun! Full of anticipation, Marc falls asleep and dreams of a volcano adventure and first prize at the science competition.



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