The V-ZUG superheroes

On a quest for justice and imaginative cooking

Her red hair shines in the sun. When Miss TeleZia comes around the corner it seems as if she dances through life. With her superpower of teleportation she moves smoothly and inconspicuously from A to B. She loves nature and animals and discovers the food and traditions of other countries on her travels.


V-Speed also loves exploring the world. He likes sports of all types but his favourites are football, skiing and wakeboarding in the summer. He likes it fast – speed is his superpower, after all. Healthy eating is very important to him as he needs to stay fit for all these activities. V-Speed prepares meals with lightning speed – he knows his way around the kitchen and knows all about technical applications and the newest programs.

While Miss TeleZia and V-Speed race from one place to another, U-Mind sits in his laboratory with his tablet and reads the latest news in his scientific online magazine. Books and the world wide web are his oases. There is no topic that he can’t discuss. U-Mind is also sporty: He loves his bicycle and cycles it everywhere. In his menu, he prefers brain food because he knows good ideas only come about when you have enough energy in your brain! And he needs it, since mindreading is his superpower. He recognises what kids like right away and always knows unusual activities so kids can learn something new.

U-Mind is totally immersed in his scientific article and therefore doesn’t hear the loud bang. Luckily, Miss TeleZia and V-Speed are on the way in the centre of V-ZUG33 – they not only hear the bang but also see the smoke rising! What’s happened here? Now the superpowers of all three will be put to the test.

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