Culinary extravaganza

The visitors were amazed and the setting was like something from a fairytale

Providing the backdrop to Andreas Caminada’s culinary market, the gardens of Schloss Schauenstein castle were abuzz with activity – and our food truck was right at the heart of the action.


«Fall in Love» was the motto last Sunday at Schloss Schauenstein – and we really did fall in love a little bit at this unique market of culinary delights. The day was almost picture-postcard perfect: the sunshine lent the castle’s gardens an almost fairytale-like air, the visitors were all in high spirits and tiny culinary delicacies left everyone’s mouths watering.

They brought a smile to the faces of everyone present, including five top chefs – Nenad Mlinarevic, Roger Kalberer, Hansjörg Ladurner, Benedikt Joos and Marcel Skibba. For just five Swiss francs, visitors were able to enjoy genuine gourmet delights from the castle.

Interest was huge, yet despite the large number of visitors, the atmosphere was merry and relaxed. The many producers, suppliers and chefs brought along delicacies such as alpine cheese, wine, schnapps, meat, grains, locally produced Bergkartoffel potatoes and saffron to the market – delivering a truly unique culinary extravaganza.

Our food truck was also right at the centre of things. For many years, Andreas Caminada has stood for values that we at V-ZUG also share: Swiss quality and the pleasure of delighting those with a passion for food. There was certainly a clear sense of these two values at the market. We were therefore honoured to attend this market extravaganza with our food truck. It was for occasions exactly like these that we dreamt up the idea of our truck and got it ready for the road – special lifestyle occasions that set out to delight and inspire with their regional offerings, charm and first-class quality.

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