Fabian Fuchs and his passion for detail

Free. Focused. Stylish.

He’s got the leather jacket, the matching sunglasses and helmet, hair streaming out behind him as he rides along, the rays of sunlight filtering through the golden leaves on the trees… This sounds like a total cliché, but for Fabian Fuchs it’s the perfect autumn day out on his motorbike. He comes across as calm, relaxed and completely at one with himself, but although he looks like he’s been riding for years, it’s actually an old hobby that the young top chef has newly rediscovered.

Just over a year ago, he and his brother were given their dad’s old motorbike. As well as rekindling childhood memories, the gift inspired the brothers to take on a more ambitious goal together. The young top chef, who has just become a father himself, has fond memories of when his dad was still biking with a passion and they used to spend their time tinkering with their respective steeds. It’s this passion which the Fuchs brothers rediscovered and which made them decide to get their motorbike licences together.

Fabian Fuchs has his own motorbike now, a Triumph. And he looks the part completely – biking isn’t simply his latest trendy hobby, it’s more something that rounds off his lifestyle perfectly. It probably does sound like a total cliché, but when Fuchs takes off his helmet and shakes his hair out, it looks like he’s been biking all his life.

The ambitious Zurich native doesn’t really have time to do much else. Day in, day out, you’ll find him in the kitchen at his restaurant, indulging his guests with fresh, modern, yet down-to-earth creations. These reflect his own personality: trend-conscious, passionate and in touch with nature. These characteristics can be seen both in the way he cooks and the way he pursues his hobby. Whatever he does, Fuchs puts his heart and soul into it.

After a hard week in the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, Fabian Fuchs seeks out the remoteness and freedom you get on a motorbike. “When I ride up a pass, I can switch off completely and almost literally blow away the cobwebs”, says Fuchs. The fresh air, the freedom and just going with the flow are what give him strength and energy not just for his daily work as a chef, but also in his role as a father, because his family is also his great passion. That’s why the young chef always puts safety first: “riding a motorbike gives you a sense of freedom, but also demands a huge amount of concentration and focus. Yet it’s precisely that focus that helps you live in the moment and also to concentrate on what’s important in other aspects of life.”

So switching off with the wind in his hair is also a kind of focus training for him, and it seems to be paying off: guests love his creations and the EquiTable is the place to go in Zurich for modern haute cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Wherever he is, be it on his motorbike or in the restaurant kitchen, Fabian Fuchs exudes his down-to-earth charm. In the kitchen he has the perfect chef’s jacket, on the bike he has exactly the right helmet. In everything he does, Fuchs pays attention to the details – whether he’s putting together his outfit or a new dish – and they’re what make the difference.

And by the way, he has several helmets that are just right – in a variety of styles to choose from depending on how he feels that day. Fabian’s current feeling is the need to focus on the natural world. He has always placed great importance on organic, seasonal and regional food, and for a few months now Fuchs has been following a meat-free diet. As a new dad, Fabian is placing even greater focus on living healthily, and so he’s staying connected with the natural environment – at all times, consistently and passionately.

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