Franck Giovannini and his passion for detail

Down-to-earth. Calm. Weightless.

A new era has dawned – social interaction has been reduced to a minimum, and most of us were not able to take our beach holidays this year as we had planned. But while the new situation might be a challenge for many people, it is something that Franck Giovannini has always enjoyed: spending time with his immediate family and indulging in some peace and quiet. So in his free time, the Swiss chef from the Bernese Jura heads to the peaks of western Switzerland. Here, he feels rooted yet weightless. The fresh air and the beauty of nature give him a sense of lightness and power at the same time.

Light and powerful is also how his cooking can be described. Since 2016, Giovannini has been the head chef at the Hôtel de Ville restaurant in Crissier. Over the last four years, he has made it his mission to preserve the establishment’s traditions while bringing a lighter touch to its cuisine. “Sometimes it feels like a creative tightrope act: to stay balanced, you need a strong, solid core. But to make things more exciting, you also need to be ready to take a leap or change direction along the way”, says the level-headed top chef. The result: culinary works of art whose 3 stars and 19 points speak for themselves.

To achieve all that Franck Giovannini has accomplished thanks to his ambition, humility and a healthy appetite for risk-taking, it takes a great deal of focus. At the restaurant, he gives his full attention to the task at hand, while his free time is devoted entirely to his family.  His two children, both in further education, still live in the family home. And so he enjoys every free minute in the company of his loved ones. “Sitting around the table with my family on my day off is simply the best”, says the modest top chef. And he makes the most of this family time, whether they choose to stay at home or head out into the great outdoors.

Each season, the Swiss chef from the village of Tramelan keeps his eyes peeled for the treasures that nature provides: “It is simply amazing to observe everything that the fertile land has to offer.” He has a keen intuition for nature’s marvellous and plentiful treasures, which represent the foundations and the central element of his work. In Crissier, Giovannini lives by the simple motto: “only the best is good enough”. And it’s something that he strongly believes in: “With a high-quality product, the balance between rootedness and lightness virtually takes care of itself.” So not completely, then. With an outstanding team at his side, time and again Franck Giovannini creates culinary masterpieces like nobody else.

At first he appears calm and reserved, yet a closer look reveals his deep passion for what really matters: cooking, family and nature. Franck Giovannini knows what he holds dear and where he wants to be. And when things get noisy and hectic in the restaurant, at the crucial moment the nature-loving top chef is able to draw on his inner peace and serve an explosion of flavour on a plate that will delight his guests and create long-lasting memories.

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