Fuel for sleepyheads

The V-ZUG superheroes

Lilly? …Lilly? …Lilly! Quite startled and sleepy, Lilly raises her head and looks her teacher Mrs Kauer straight in the eyes. At first she does not understand what happened, but then she slowly comes to and Lilly realizes that she fell asleep in class again. Mrs Kauer looks at her with a stern look: “You can’t just fall asleep in class! You should go to bed earlier.” In the break, Lilly is once again lost in thought when she hears a voice from behind: “Well, sleepyhead? Are you tired again?”

Laura, Lilly’s best friend, has often noticed how tired her friend is. Lilly repeatedly assures her and her teacher: “I sleep enough, honestly.” On the way home Lilly yawns and asks herself: “Why am I always so tired? I wish I were really fit.” This desire is so great that U-Mind receives it by telepathy in his laboratory. “Miss TeleZia, V-Speed – our superpowers are in demand!”

To analyse the situation, the three superheroes watch the 4th grade student in her day-to-day life. Lilly is a very bright child and she really does go to bed early enough. However, the next morning, Miss TeleZia notices what the problem is: Little Lilly left the house without breakfast! U-Mind is like a walking encyclopaedia and knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Lilly and her friend Laura are on their way to school when they suddenly discover the three superheroes in their coloured costumes.

V-Speed, Miss TeleZia and U-Mind have fresh fruits for the two girls. “The banana gives you a lot of energy for school”, explains U-Mind. The three superheroes tell Lilly how important the first meal of the day is and what valuable energy it provides for school. “I don’t like breakfast, but I don’t want to be so tired anymore”, says Lilly. While the two girls study diligently at school, the three superheroes think about how they can get Lilly interested in breakfast recipes.

Miss TeleZia teleports around the world once today to discover breakfast in other countries. U-Mind scours the whole web for exciting information about this valuable meal. He is particularly interested in foods that provide energy so that Lilly does not start the day so tired. V-Speed knows that in the morning most people are in a hurry, so it has to be quick. Fortunately, he knows all the technical applications in the kitchen and knows the best programs to prepare a healthy breakfast quickly and easily. In the afternoon, the three superheroes gather in U-Mind’s lab and share their findings.


On her quick journey into different cultures, Miss TeleZia realized: No matter where in the world, yoghurt with fruits, nuts, kernels and oatmeal is very popular everywhere. U-Mind shares her enthusiasm because he knows that kernels and nuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, protein and healthy fats. That means they are brilliant energy bombs and increase mental performance – just right for the start of the day. Infected by the enthusiasm of his friends, V-Speed quickly finds the right recipe and program. Now there is nothing standing in the way of a delicious and healthy breakfast. Lilly is also enthusiastic about the recipe idea. At the weekend, she prepares a large portion of crunchy berry muesli with her big sister. On Monday morning, she is happy to eat the homemade crunchy berry muesli with some yoghurt and a banana for breakfast.  Strengthened and motivated, Lilly sits in Mrs Kauer’s maths lesson. Full of energy, she can now focus on the subject – now she just has to understand these complicated maths tasks.

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