Ginger shot

Tanja by night

A shot of good health

Ginger is a miracle bulb offering a unique combination of flavour, sharpness and energy. Ginger is a versatile companion to a wide range of dishes. It is just as fascinating sweet and candied as it is pickled. It is eaten both for pleasure and remedial purposes, it is warming and promotes well-being.

It would appear that drinking ginger tea in the morning delivers an unexpected energy boost, much like Getafix’s famous magic potion. Or at least that’s my experience. While hot ginger tea is a natural go-to in winter, my cold ginger shot is a compressed version for the warmer months. This concentrated shot is made from ginger and spices and will give you a natural boost of energy to get you through a long day.

Ginger is not only versatile, delicious and healthy, it is also in high demand. Small plastic bottles filled with a blend of ginger and apple juice, for example, have been lining the refrigerated shelves in many supermarkets for some time now. While this is naturally a practical option, you can also easily make your own healthy energy shot at home. This comes with the added benefit that I know exactly what I’m drinking and can put my own unique spin on this little powerhouse.

The following recipe will help you create a ginger concentrate that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Depending on the season, this unique root will warm you up or refresh you with its wonderful kick. Here’s how to make it: Thinly peel and roughly chop 200 g of organic ginger. Add the juice of 5 organic lemons and zest of 2, as well as 150 g of blossom honey. Mix in a blender or Thermomix until smooth. If you like, you can add a little turmeric or black pepper. Pour into a screw-top jar and store in the fridge.

One tablespoonful will provide a powerful ginger shot, two tablespoons stirred into hot water will produce a wonderful tea, and mixed with sparkling water and ice cubes you’ll have a fantastic lemonade.

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