A magical premiere

Circus Zugolino

Step right up for the premiere of the new dream world show at the Circus Zugolino. Frederic the ringmaster and his artistes have been working hard for weeks to prepare for the performance. Yet just before the breathtaking show is about to begin, everything seems to be going wrong.

The last drum roll echoes, the spotlights go out – silence falls upon the tent. It only lasts a split second, but for Frederic it feels like an eternity. The lights slowly go up, illuminating the tent once more. Frederic is torn from his trance to triumphant applause, beaming children and that magic word reverberating through the air: Encore, encore, encore!

The stern ringmaster is visibly relieved. He’s pleased, since at the beginning of the show it looked set to be a total catastrophe.

It’s 11.15 a.m., three hours before the premiere is due to begin, and Timo and Annina are desperately searching for their juggling equipment. This can’t be happening, it was definitely in the vegetable box just a little while ago.

Suddenly, Henry, the shy horse-whisperer, comes running out of the stables: his saddle has disappeared without a trace, and how exactly is he supposed to do his show with Clara the mare without a saddle? Hugo the clown tries to reassure him. But his attempts are futile: chaos breaks out in the ring and Luisa the cook discovers the artistes in a hysterical state. Frederic the ringmaster is beside himself: “How could this have happened?” Devastated, he lectures his protégés on how important it is to take care of their things.

Then something occurs to him – has anybody seen Roxy? The acrobat is nowhere to be found in the ring. What is she up to this time? Meanwhile, the red-haired acrobat is hiding behind the curtain, watching Frederic’s lecture from afar. The usually outspoken Roxy would rather hide away in her trailer… how was she supposed to tell the others that their props had run away? After the objects had come to life, she tried to catch them, but to no avail.

Deep in thought, Roxy racks her brains to try and find a solution – and doesn’t even notice the tomato, broccoli and carrot scamper under the curtain and start to perform a dance in mid-air. Timo and Annina watch open-mouthed: how on earth are their juggling props floating around in the air? And what are those noises? Is it the broccoli talking to the pepper?

Roxy knows that there’s no getting out of it now. Head bowed, she enters the ring and tells the entire circus family about her magic spell that got out of hand: “I wanted to create an amazing act where plants would come to life and fly through the air with me. My grandmother taught me a magic spell to bring objects to life – but it didn’t go exactly as I’d planned. And I ended up bringing Timo and Annina’s vegetables and Henry’s saddle to life instead.”

Frederic’s face is now the same shade of red as the tomato: “You can say that again, Roxy!” Luisa is the only one who is calm – she’s got an idea of how to restore order to the chaos. She disappears to the kitchen and returns a few moments later with a handful of fresh herbs: “Calm down, my dears. I know a spell – this mix of herbs will return the objects to their original state.”

Meanwhile, Hugo the clown has tracked down his saddle – it had been galloping wildly around the field behind the circus tent. With a lively motion, Luisa scatters the herbs over the vegetables and the saddle. The performers watch the magical sight with bated breath. The ring is suddenly bathed in light, a mist descends, and then it is all over and everything is just as it was before.

Still mesmerized by the turn of events, tightrope walker Lilly asks: “Did that really just happen, or was it all a dream?” Luisa smiles: “I’ll let you work that out for yourselves – now off to your positions with you!” The visitors will be arriving any minute now. Step right up for the show of your dreams…

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