Marcel Skibba and his passion for details

Focus. Enjoy. Realize new potential every day.

It’s a picture-postcard view: the sun shining on glistening snow in the breathtaking resort of St. Moritz. A stunning backdrop and inspiring people whichever way you turn. It’s the ideal location for Marcel Skibba to pursue his career while replenishing his energy: “Ideas for new dishes always come to me when I least expect it, like when I’m in the shower or going for a walk,” says the ambitious young chef.

Cooking is – and has always been – his life. Raised in the Black Forest region of Germany, he spent most of his childhood at his parents’ guesthouse. Gastronomy is where he has always felt at home. A place where he can truly be himself: a chef through and through. “I put my heart and soul into my cooking. For me, it’s not just a job, it’s what makes me who I am.” So he doesn’t really have any hobbies either – his profession is his hobby.

And he pursues it with incredible passion. When Marcel Skibba walks into the kitchen, he flourishes. This truly is his comfort zone. Of course, everyday life in the field of gourmet catering is demanding and hectic, but for this young chef it is also inspiring and stimulating. This gives him the strength to achieve complete perfection in his work, a perfection which never fails to win over the discerning guests at the IGNIV restaurant in St. Moritz, season after season. In contrast to the other haute cuisine restaurants in this region, the guests at Skibba’s restaurant encounter a rather unusual kind of gastronomy; instead of classic à la carte dishes, they are served exquisite bowls and plates of top-class culinary delights for them to share.

IGNIV’s unique concept requires strict discipline in the kitchen and when serving. Yet the young chef still remains unruffled. Thanks to his cool head and easy-going nature, he always manages to stay focused, with an eye for every last detail: “In the kitchen, precision is crucial. Clean cuts, exact measurements, perfectly coordinated compositions – everything needs to be just right”, says Skibba.

He illustrates his point while baking macarons, explaining the complexity of this delightful treat: “The considerable precision involved in preparation and baking leaves plenty of scope for creativity in the final result.” His quiet perfection has an almost meditative effect – balanced yet stimulating at the same time. The calmness that Marcel Skibba brings to the kitchen can also be perceived in his creations: “The detailed preparation of macarons may be complex, yet the end result is complete perfection. A dish or a pastry should inspire, surprise and impress – but it should also be identifiable, in terms of flavour and appearance.”

Marcel Skibba has no trouble when it comes to identifying himself and his passion: for half of the year, he is on the road, travelling through Asia and elsewhere with great enjoyment, devoting himself to new projects, and working alongside his mentor Andreas Caminada in Schauenstein. And when the first snowflakes fall, drawing diverse crowds of people to the renowned resort of St. Moritz, Skibba makes his way back to the Engadine, to his kitchen and comfort zone. With his characteristic calmness and determination, he concentrates on doing what he does best: cooking with heart and soul. It fulfils him while giving him the energy to excel, reinvent himself and experience the passion for every single detail, day after day.

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