Markthalle Neun Berlin

by Esther Kern

Markthalle Neun prides itself on its innovative thinking when it comes to food. It was founded in 2009, when residents fought back upon hearing that the market hall was going to be converted into a huge supermarket complex. The people behind Markthalle Neun banded together and submitted a proposal to promote “eating differently” and “shopping differently”. The aim was for the market hall to remain the “place to go” for food in this neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. “We then had the unbelievable opportunity to buy this listed building”, explained Bernd Maier, one of the three founders, during a visit. The market hall boasts a whopping 2,000 square metres of space for sellers to set out their market stalls as well as almost the same amount of storage space, which is also home to innovative food producers. Heidenpeters brewery currently brews its beer in the market hall’s catacombs, for instance. Visitors can grab an ultra-fresh beer – one of the best I’ve ever tasted – from the brewery’s bar on the next floor up and enjoy it with a freshly cooked meal, for example in the “bone.” canteen.

Markthalle Neun regularly hosts events such as the weekly Street Food Thursday. Cheese Berlin is also held here once a year in autumn. And every Friday and Saturday, visitors are treated to a huge weekly market with an almost unbeatable selection of vegetables. For more information, visit:

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