Our ambassadors stay at home

How are the ambassadors coping with the current situation? Which meals are they finding particularly inspiring in this strange new reality? And which dishes make them especially happy? We got in touch with them and can now reveal all: in this article, you can see our ambassadors in a whole new light – in their own kitchens at home. They share their favourite recipes – their very own soul food – for cosy evenings at home with their loved ones, and with us. From capuns to barbecued meat, and from an exquisite fish dish to a spicy curry: these dishes are varied, easy to cook at home, and inspire us to try out new creations. They show us yet again that cooking is fun and good for the soul. Because what could be better than a tasty meal that warms the cockles of your heart? One that does you the world of good and lets you enjoy the moment?

At the moment, Fabian Fuchs is mainly spending his time: cooking! He’s pottering around the kitchen, trying out new delicacies and treating his partner to some real comfort food – such as his deliciously aromatic, spicy curry. He’s also finding new inspiration outside in the fresh air, in the forest and while walking the dog. Spending time in nature gives him the positive energy he needs to tackle daily life and to come up with new culinary ideas.

For Fabian Fuchs, fresh ingredients are essential when he’s cooking at home, too. Not only are they beneficial for the soul, they also contribute to wellbeing and good health. Healthy cooking is always of great importance to him, and in these extraordinary times it’s even more vital.

At home too, Franck Giovannini takes inspiration from seasonal produce when selecting ingredients – this is of great importance to him. With his fennel and fish creation, he demonstrates that you can also whip up “haute cuisine” within your own four walls to enjoy with your loved ones. Top-level cuisine doesn’t need to be tricky and time-consuming – the secret lies in the freshness and preparation of the ingredients. He shows that when prepared with love and care, simple dishes can often bring great joy. His personal soul food is perfect for mild spring days and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Quite independently of each other, Silvio Germann and Marcel Skibba created the same recipe on the same evening: capuns, the Graubünden speciality. If two top chefs decide to make the same dish at the same time, then you know it must be a really good one!  At the moment, both chefs (neither of whom are originally from Graubünden) are spending plenty of time at home, and especially in the kitchen. But the ideas are still flowing freely. After a walk in the Domleschg valley, Marcel Skibba thought that homemade capuns would be the ideal way to round off a wonderful day at home in the Graubünden mountains – along with a good glass of wine, of course – in line with the motto “stay@home”. Meanwhile, Silvio Germann’s capuns are particularly satisfying and healthy, and will leave you with a sense of comfort and wellbeing, which is valuable in these rather unusual times. Recipes like these bring people together. Give it a try for yourself and treat your loved ones to some homemade capuns!

Jan Hartwig’s tip for us is: cook fresh! Cooking fresh is great not only for your health, but also for your overall wellbeing. Plus, that way you know exactly which ingredients your food contains. There’s a good reason we say, “you are what you eat”. Cooking with fresh ingredients each day and sharing his experiences and recipes with his loved ones is giving him a lot of satisfaction at the moment. This enables him to maintain his social interactions. And so he is pleased to share his favourite soul food with us – a tasty fish dish packed with vegetables. Hearty, delicious meals, freshly and lovingly prepared, are his own personal soul food. Because after all, who doesn’t enjoy eating well? And it’s not only the eating, but also the preparation, that is fun and brings joy and variety to daily life.

What could be better than enjoying a barbecue in your garden or on your balcony at home? Not much, many would agree. And for Oliver Friedrich, too, perfectly grilled, regional organic meat combined with his favourite beer or a well-matured drop of wine make the ideal trio. He serves up these three comforting delights both in his restaurant and wine cellar, Alter Torkel, and in his own home. What’s more, his soul food is perfect for a spring weekend at home with the family – being in the here and now and enjoying the moment spent with your loved ones.

Have you got lots of chocolate left over from the Easter weekend? Andreas Caminada shows us a quick and easy recipe that makes use of leftover Easter bunnies: delicious chocolate-covered bananas. For Caminada, this is the ideal dessert for a leisurely evening barbecue at home with your family. The best bit? Get the kids involved in making the bananas and enjoy some extra quality time together as a family – and then tucking in afterwards will be twice as fun. Caminada’s tip: serve the chocolate bananas with a scoop of ice cream! The kids will be delighted!

With his own soul food, Walter Klose shows us that cooking can be fun: it’s easy to prepare but looks amazing. This delicious fish and vegetable dish – made in the steam cooker – not only looks great but also offers a whole medley of flavours. The vegetables and filling can be substituted with other ingredients to suit your preferences. Healthy, balanced and freshly prepared, it’s the perfect dinner for mild spring days. Cooking a tasty meal and sharing his creations with his family is something that is giving Walter Klose a great deal of energy and strength during these times.

The motto of our ambassadors is: Stay@home!

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