Storm warning

Circus Zugolino

Black clouds approach the circus arena, and a raw wind howls through the tent. Will the circus show have to be cancelled because of a severe summer thunderstorm? Frederic declares a red alert – everything has to be made safe and secure!


The last few weeks have been exhausting, and the Zugolino artistes have performed their circus show every day in temperatures of over 30 degrees. It has been stifling and boiling hot in the tent, but Frederic’s crew have still rehearsed each day and presented their magical show. The ringmaster is proud of his artistes: “You’re simply fantastic! As a little light refreshment, Luisa has conjured up some delicious home-made blossom syrup for you.”

Hugo the clown is incredibly thirsty, and drinks his syrup up in one go. Beneath his costume, he’s drenched in sweat – some fresh air will do him good. With another glass of syrup in his hand, Hugo leaves the big top to get a breath of fresh air, and then it happens – a strong gust of wind blows his beloved hat high into the air. “Oh no,” cries Hugo, “My hat!” Roxy and Lilly rush out straight away to help Hugo. But as they go outside, it’s not just the flying hat that amazes them. A jet-black wall of cloud is approaching from afar…

All of a fluster, the three artistes return to the ring. “What’s the matter?” asks Luisa when she sees the gloomy faces of Hugo, Roxy and Lilly. “An incredible storm is brewing!” We’ve got to get all the animals inside and make the tent weather-tight,” reports Lilly anxiously. Frederic the ringmaster then takes a look at the weather for himself and promptly declares a red alert!

Henry the horse whisperer immediately takes care of his horses, of course. They are very sensitive and are afraid of thunderstorms. Together with Timo and Annina, he tries to calm the horses down and get them into the stables. As a tight-rope walker, Lilly has an amazing sense of balance and a good head for heights. So she helps the strong circus hands to attach an extra rope from the roof of the tent to the ground – a real balancing act in the wind and also the rain that has now started to fall.

Hugo and Frederic are now also soaked to the skin. They coordinate the work of securing the tent, and lend a hand where they can. And when a tree close to the show ground crashes to the ground, the ringmaster knows they need to finish quickly and get themselves to safety. A whinnying noise interrupts his thoughts.

Henry is trying everything to calm his horses down, but they are beside themselves with fear. The thunder and lightning make things even more difficult. With the assistance of Timo, Annina and Henry, Frederic finally manages to get the horses safely into the stables. Completely soaked through, they return to the ring, where the others have already gathered.

Covered in mud, absolutely drenched and totally exhausted, the circus family sit out the storm. Everyone hopes it will be over quickly and tonight’s performance will not have to be cancelled. So many people are looking forward to the show – the circus is already sold out for this evening. The rain drums against the circus tent, the wind howls through the tiny openings in the canvas, and lightening illuminates the dark sky. It feels like an eternity…

But in just a couple of minutes, the whole nightmare is over. The deafening, powerful summer storm moves on as quickly as it arrived. A few moments later, the dark clouds part and the sun shines warmly in the sky once more. “Hurrah, it’s over!” shouts Timo to everyone. The young juggler and his friends are delighted that the show can take place as planned. Now everyone just has to work together and get everything ready quickly in time for the performance.

While the whole circus troupe gets the big top and the show ground ship-shape once more, Luisa prepares another little energy boost for the artistes and hangs their soaking wet clothes out to dry in the sun. They were so wet that an invigorating and refreshing shot of ginger is bound to do them good. With renewed energy, the show is finally able to begin.

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