Tanja by Night

The overnight fuel

Some time ago I was in “Fäviken Magasinet”, one of the most unusual restaurants I know. Magnus Nilsson from Sweden has been running it since 2008 close to the Arctic Circle. And because it is totally remote, people don’t just come for dinner but also stay for breakfast.

That’s where I discovered a variant of porridge that doesn’t have much in common with the typical British type. Arctic Circle porridge is made with whole oat grains instead of oatflakes, which are placed in water the evening before and left to swell overnight.

And here’s how to make it: Place 6 tablespoons of oat grains and pumpkin seeds with double the quantity of water into a pan and allow to swell overnight. The next morning add a pinch of salt, bring to the boil and simmer for 7 minutes. Then add milk and honey to taste and – depending on the season and your mood – garnish with apple purée, fresh berries, roasted nuts, cinnamon or vanilla.

What’s great about this breakfast dish is the consistency of the oat grains, which are firm to the bite but still turn into a creamy mix. It can be seen as an opposite to the popular smoothie, which people just drink without thinking about it. This porridge gives you something to chew on and you feel the burst of energy in it which carries you through half the day – as fuel that has both flavour and bite.

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