Tinkering in the lab

The V-ZUG superheroes

His hair is a complete mess and his glasses are wonky, but U-Mind is concentrating hard on an experiment in his laboratory. He loves to try new things and find solutions for day-to-day problems. As a V-ZUG superhero, every day he researches the latest technologies so that kids can learn something new and enjoy being in the kitchen.

While U-Mind is giving his brain cells a good workout, V-Speed is spending the beautiful day on his wakeboard. He loves sport in general, but he especially enjoys spending time on the water and soaking up the sun. For him, any kind of sport is also training: his superpower is speed, and to improve he has to exercise a lot and keep fit – practice makes perfect! This is why V-Speed is making the most of the great weather and training hard on the water. Suddenly, though, he hears a noise – a sort of rumbling sound… Oops! It’s his stomach! V-Speed is starving, as nothing makes him hungrier than a day of watersports.

People in the Mediterranean are so even-tempered, happy and sociable. That’s why Miss TeleZia enjoys spending time in Italy, Spain and Greece. She loves Mediterranean food and the fresh sea air. To hone her superpower, she teleports around the globe and gathers inspiration for new recipes on her travels. She visits markets, local farmers and fishermen around the world. While she’s travelling, though, she always notices how much our environment is suffering and how much we need our resources. The environment is very important to Miss TeleZia, so she’s going to ask U-Mind to research new technologies that will help to develop even more resource-efficient household appliances.

Following a quick snack, V-Speed is training again, and it’s starting to pay off – he’s moving faster than ever before. While he’s training, he notices that many people would like to have his superpower for themselves. Everything has to happen quickly, saving time wherever possible. If only U-Mind could come up with an idea about how to make people’s day-to-day lives and their housework easier by using even faster programmes…

U-Mind reads everything he can and digests all of the information. While he’s performing experiments and researching, he realizes that everything is becoming more complicated. He loves solving tricky puzzles and overcoming difficult challenges, but in this regard he’s on his own, as he knows that people prefer simplicity in their day-to-day lives. U-Mind is in the middle of testing a new invention, when V-Speed and Miss TeleZia zoom into his lab at almost the same time.

Both have clever ideas for even faster and more resource-friendly household appliances. “Brilliant!” thinks U-Mind. If these are easy to use as well, they’ll help people to save time, money and resources. U-Mind decides to meet with the other creative minds in V-ZUG33 right away to forge ahead with new innovations.

Experimenting, training and travelling are all very tiring. A day like today makes even superheroes tired, so Miss TeleZia, V-Speed and U-Mind cook a tasty meal and spend the evening relaxing together, enjoying the peace and winding down. Miss TeleZia begins reading a book when a niggling feeling creeps into U-Mind’s thoughts: a pizza burning in the oven…

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