Oven-roasted cauliflower has recently become the new craze after kale. But did you know that preparing this vegetable on glowing coals also gives great results? And that – especially in autumn, when the cauliflowers are fresh from the field – it makes a wonderful alternative to courgettes and the like?

Some people put raw cauliflower straight onto the barbecue, but I don’t especially enjoy it like that because the inside is usually still rather hard. I’ve developed the following recipe: Cut the
cauliflower into large pieces that are compact enough for you to be able to turn them over easily on the barbecue, for example in quarters. Then blanch them for approximately five minutes in salted water.

Mix up a marinade of oil, salt, lemon juice and whatever spices you fancy (a flavoursome curry powder or garam masala are excellent choices for example) and marinade the cauliflower in it. You can then barbecue it until it’s as light or dark as you want. A delicious side dish, or even a great idea to serve alongside vegetable tapas at a casual gathering.

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