Some hobby cooks lack the courage to serve their dinner guests fish à la minute, either because of the smell or because they are afraid of overcooking it. If you are one such cook, this tip from a professional kitchen may help: In restaurants, fish is often only briefly fried and then cooked in the oven just before serving. Here is exactly how it works: Season the fish fillet and fry it for several minutes on the skin side. Then place the fillet in a gratin dish with the skin facing upwards. The fish can be prepared for this step well before your guests arrive, hours even. Shortly before serving, add some butter and a little white wine to the gratin dish: not too much as you want the skin to stay dry and crispy. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for three to five minutes, just long enough to keep it translucent on the inside. Before putting it in the oven, garnish the fish with herbs – thyme, for example.

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