Many amateur chefs shy away from freshwater fish as they often contain bones, even in the fillets. The good news is: the bones are lined up in a row, and there’s an easy way to remove them.
Traditionally, you would take a pair of tweezers and pluck each and every bone from the fish fillet. But sometimes the bones cling to the fish so much that it tears the fillet. And if you buy ultra-fresh fish, the bones are hard to pluck out anyway.

So sometimes it helps to take them out with a knife. As they’re usually lined up in a row, this can be achieved with two cuts. The professionals call this a “V” cut. Find the row of bones and slice closely alongside them on both sides, but make sure the skin remains intact.

This method is usually faster, and it’s a clean way to remove the nasty and annoying parts from the fish fillet. These offcuts are good for boiling up into a fish stock.

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