Us adults have plenty of choice when it comes to drinks, including the non-alcoholic variety. But what about the kids? They will often have syrup or soft drinks. Yet there are lots of other options that can be made easily at home.

A classic of mine is cucumber peel lemonade Simply blend (organic!) cucumber peel with water and strain the mixture through a sieve. Then add lemon juice, a little sugar as desired, and sometimes I also top it up with herbal tea. The drink has a wonderful green colour and is very refreshing.

Drinks expert Amanda Wassmer-Bulgin has a top tip for those who are willing to invest a little more time. The well-known sommelier has been the wine manager at Grand Hotel Quellenhof in Bad Ragaz since 2019 and is a parent herself. She has also made a name for herself with her non-alcoholic drinks pairings at the restaurant.

For kids, she recommends a homemade apricot and grape iced tea. Simmer 400 g each of grape juice and frozen apricots for 45 minutes and then blend the mixture. Leave to cool. Mix two parts of the blended fruits with one part mint & alpine herb tea, and chill thoroughly.

Kids like their drinks to be fun. Amanda Wassmer-Bulgin has a tip for this, too. Freeze ripe berries or pieces of melon in ice cubes and add them to kids’ drinks for a special twist.

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