Lemons are often sold in bags, and then you have too many. But did you know you can freeze them? Such a great kitchen hack.

I usually buy lemons in 5 kg boxes. Although I have a cool cellar, after a certain amount of time the lemons aren’t exactly as fresh as can be. I already knew you could freeze cubes of lemon zest with olive oil. You can even freeze small portions of lemon juice.

But someone gave me a new, even easier tip. Elif Oskan, the dessert queen at Zurich-based cult label Miss Marshall, who’s an expert in preparing citrus fruits, once told me you could put the whole lemon in the freezer. So when you want to add lemon flavours to your food, just grab the frozen fruit and grate off as much as you need. Then put the rest back in the freezer compartment.

The zest comes off as well. This of course makes the citrus aroma really intense as it contains essential oils, but I like it this way. But if you’re using lemons and their zest together, you need to buy organic, as this is the only way to cook with a clear conscience.

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