Gin Malus is a combination of Rigi Dry Gin Florales and the power of apple. The result is a well-balanced distillate with a complex fruity note. The fruity taste of apple combined with ginger beer is perfect for a refreshing summer drink. By the way: for anyone who prefers the non-alcoholic version – this drink is equally refreshing without gin.

Glass: Large red wine glass
Info: Can also be prepared with 20 ml and half a bottle of ginger beer. We recommend Fever Tree or Mountain Spring ginger beer.

40 ml – Gin Malus, 30% vol.
330 ml – Ginger beer
1 pc. – Large pieces of lemon zest and a little juice
1 pc. – Garnish with fresh mint

1. Place 4–5 ice cubes in a red wine glass or tumbler
2. Add Gin Malus
3. Squeeze a little lemon juice into the glass and add the lemon zest
4. Slowly add the ginger beer and stir gently
5. Garnish with fresh mint and a slice of apple

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