Healthy eating makes us big and strong! But it also needs to make us happy. If you’re looking miserable-faced at a plate of vegetables on the table then you’re not going to enjoy eating the good stuff, as healthy food is good for the heart!

Healthy morning snacks can be made with the whole family. The base ingredients are imagination and a sense of adventure.

Kiwis are full of vitamins and perfect for a fresh, energyboosting breakfast or early-morning snack. Sliced and halved again, you can create amusing fir tree shapes from the fruit!
Pineapples are wonderfully fruity and really put a smile on our faces when cut into small pieces and arranged like the sun. And if the sun is shining on the plate, don’t forget the cherry sunglasses!

Who makes Alps Dragons? Have you ever seen one made from grapes? It can indeed happen, if you line up the grapes on a fine skewer, use almond slivers for the ears and a dab of cream cheese and blackcurrant jam for the eyes and mouth.

And possibly something special for Sundays… Nutella toast garnished with fruit to give it an owl’s face. It’s a sure-fire way to start the day the happy way. So you see how easy it is… healthy food puts smiles on the faces of everyone around the table!

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