Muesli doesn’t only give us strength at the start of each day: if we mix the muesli into a simple, homemade bar, it’s also a great way to recharge our batteries at morning break-time. It’s full of healthy nuts, seeds and flakes, and above all dried fruit, which contains natural fruit sugar and gives us energy for our next class. They taste good too, especially if we add a little cinnamon, resulting in a flavour that regenerates both body and mind during a tired phase.

Making our own muesli bars isn’t rocket science, and it’s much better than throwing shop-bought bars into our schoolbags, as the homemade way means we can control the sugar content. And above all we can make it just as we want it, using the nuts and fruits we like or have available at home.

Try this simple recipe: put 200g of dried, stoned dates, 2 tablespoons of nuts (walnuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts or almonds), 2 tablespoons of oats, some cinnamon and a pinch of salt into a blender and mix. Scoop the mixture onto a metal sheet (around 22cm x 5cm in size) and spread evenly. Cut into muesli fingers and wrap in either waxed or baking paper, and there you have it, your own homemade power bars!

In the summer, we can also turn the basic bar into a nutritious afternoon snack. To do this, wash around 125g of strawberries. Squash half of them with a fork and spread the pulp over the basic mixture on the baking tray. Chop the remaining strawberries in half and lay on top. Cut into slices and serve. For those who just can’t live without a sweet temptation at the weekend, simply dip the muesli bar into some melted dark chocolate!

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