The great thing about putting on circus shows together is that in this world of magic and wonder every child can find a part to play. Performing circus tricks with their friends helps children to bond and to grow in confidence, and to keep it all sustainable we have a few tips for making the refreshment options environmentally friendly.

There are some great alternatives to plastic around now, like beakers made of bamboo fibre. They are dishwasher safe and they don’t shatter into thousands of tiny pieces if knocked over – important when young artistes are practising their bike or somersault skills. And what’s more, beakers made from renewable raw materials now come in a whole host of colours and designs.

Straws, now pretty much a mandatory item when it comes to children’s drinks, were once made from a renewable raw material as their name suggests. We used to use straw or grass to drink through, and now natural materials are having a renaissance. Bamboo is a popular option, and the great thing about it is that you can easily put each child’s name on their straw. A disadvantage, though, is that it does have a distinctive taste.

An alternative to bamboo are straws made from metal, or even glass. The latter are break-resistant but may not survive if subjected to a significant impact. In such cases paper straws are probably better – although they are designed for single use only!

Another great tip is to make sure the cordial you serve at the circus bar doesn’t come out of a plastic bottle. It’s more eco-friendly – and more delicious – if you make it yourself. Click here to find out how (link to elderflower cordial)

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