We’ve all been there: chopping onions is an unpleasant task because they always make your eyes water.

But what if you were really prepared and cooked up lots of onions in advance then stored them, like the pros do?

Fabian Fuchs, head chef at the EquiTable restaurant and a V-ZUG ambassador, says: “At home, I make onion butter and store it in jars so I always have some ready in the fridge.” He uses the onion butter for soups, risottos, lentils, flavoured butter and on bread.

This is how to make it: Chop the onions and cook them in an equal quantity of butter until they are golden brown (keep the heat low, don’t roast them). Put the onions into a jar, they’ll last for around three weeks in the fridge.

Fuchs likes eating the onion butter on its own on bread, or on mashed potatoes. He has another tip for making it: “Don’t use very large onions as they release more liquid!”

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