When the sun is beating down from the sky and the summer brings us day after day of scorching heat, then there’s really only thing to help you keep a cool head: a fresh summer drink! This not only keeps you fit by supplying the body with sufficient fluids, but we can also make use of all the herbs, berries and edible flowers from the garden to create little gourmet drinks. The best thing about it: because you›re making it all yourself, there’s no hidden sugar or artificial flavouring.

Citrus refreshes and revives tired spirits on hot days. For this, we place 2 sprigs of lemon verbena, 2 sprigs of lemon balm and 4 young heads of lavender in a jug with half a litre of hot water. Allow to steep for 10 minutes. Fill another jug generously with ice cubes, pour in the herb tea through a sieve and allow to cool. If desired, add slices of fresh lemon and sweeten with floral honey.
For another mixture that also tastes fabulous, brew 4 sprigs of pineapple verbena with 4 freshly cut heads of lavender. Or maybe you would prefer a slightly sweet, poetic tea made from an infusion of organic rose petals or orange blossom (from the herbal pharmacy)?

If you ever have a small sprig of verbena left over, simply steep it in hot water with a cinnamon stick, before cooling it by adding ice cubes to the glass.

And if you’ve picked too much basil for your tomato salad, you can use the extra leaves to brew yourself a lovely tea that aids digestion as you enjoy an afternoon snooze in your hammock.

But it really ought to look attractive too: simply put edible flowers such as camomile, rose petals, borage or even berries in ice-cube trays. Fill with water, freeze and add to drinks to match the colour or flavour of the drink. Now hopefully these will help everyone keep a lovely cool head this summer!

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