These days, lots of amateur cooks choose not to use a deep-fryer. If you occasionally want to deep-fry food, however, you should follow this tip from Anna Kaiser.

I rarely deep-fry my food. However, I like to have deep-fried courgette flowers every so often. In such cases, I make do with a regular pan. As I rarely deep-fry food and dispose of the oil after just one use, I try to use as little frying oil as possible.

But we all know that if you only have a little oil in the pan, it’s not long before the contents begin to stick to the bottom. So I was delighted to find myself in the kitchen alongside Anna Kaiser recently as she shared with me her anti-burn trick. It’s quite simple: Cut a piece of baking paper to match the size of the pan and place it over the base of the pan before deep-frying. This will prevent your food from sticking and burning.


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