Are you a romantic who loves the grand gesture or do you prefer small tokens of affection as part of everyday life? Of course, love doesn’t abide by rules or deadlines. However, in Switzerland too, lovers are increasingly observing 14 February as the day when love is in the spotlight.

Some choose the traditional gift of red roses, which is sometimes well received and sometimes deemed to lack inspiration. There are any number of Valentine’s Day customs around the world. In Japan, for instance, the common gift is chocolate – in as large a quantity as possible. In Switzerland too, chocolate hearts are a common gift.

I have a tip for you: instead of purchasing just any old chocolate, you could declare yourself a connoisseur of fine, exquisite varieties. You can certainly stick with chocolate, but why not choose a Swiss artisanal chocolate. There are now various small-scale chocolatiers in Switzerland whose chocolates vary greatly depending on the origin and type of cocoa beans. The advantage is you can sample your way through the individual bars with your loved ones and enjoy a little flavourful adventure together.  Perhaps this symbolizes your openness to the minor adventures of daily life, even without Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few tips for fine Swiss artisanal chocolate:

La Flor,




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