To accompany Andreas Caminada’s ingenious dessert creation, wine expert Britta Wiegelmann recommends a sweet red fizz from the Piedmont region.

You’d think that desserts would be easy to pair with wine. Red wine in the dessert, red wine in your glass – right? Not necessarily. Andreas Caminada’s ingenious recipe for baked apple with red wine and sour cream, for example, contains not only red wine cream, but also apple and chocolate as well as a fantastically fresh sour-cream ice-cream to top it all off. Faced with this wealth of textures and flavours, not to mention the sugar, any dry red wine would surrender immediately. But not a Brachetto d’Acqui. Brachetto is the name of an ancient variety of grape from Piedmont that is traditionally used to create a sweet, fruity sparkling wine with an aroma of rose. A real speciality which even the grandmasters such as Braida, the producer that once helped Barbera to fame, still grow today. Thanks to its sweetness, this sparkling wine has no fear of desserts; its fizz stands up to even the chill of ice-cream and it goes with chocolate as a matter of course. I always have a few bottles in the cellar.

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