Wine expert Britta Wiegelmann’s monthly recommendation. Today: Tanja Grandits’ spring-green Schupfnudeln – paired with the “fourth wine”.

Tanja Grandits’ springlike take on this traditional potato dumpling recipe is a match for any wine. It pairs just as well with a Vermentino white as it would with a Barbera red or a crisp rosé. But today I would like to bang the drum for the “fourth wine” – orange wine. What’s that I hear you say? Orange wine is a white wine made like a red wine. Instead of fermenting the pressed juice, the winemaker ferments all the grapes together on their skins and pips – and sometimes even on their stems. This method lends the finished wine characteristics that are reminiscent of many reds – broad shoulders, lots of grippiness on the palate, a slightly furry sensation on the tongue – as well as an orange appearance. Orange wine pairs surprisingly well with broccoli pesto. Indeed, it will compliment all sorts of vegetables – from green peas and young green beans, to earthy root vegetables and forest mushrooms. Orange wines are normally available from shops that specialize in natural wine – and increasingly from more conventional, mainstream wine outlets as well.

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